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Airvent Mounted Phone Cradle

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Our universal airvent mounted phone cradles are compatible with most vehicles and most phones. It is easy to use, simple to set up, and is a great addition to any vehicle. It holds the phone securely, keeps you safe while driving by reducing distraction, and stops your phone from sliding under or between your seats.


  • Rotatable - The phone cradle easily rotates around so that you can use the phone while it is upright, and easily rotate it to a 90degree display for video watching!
  • Universal fitting - Fits most vehicles by using a rubber grommet that attaches to the air vent of your car.
  • Quick mount & release - Easy to take your phone on and off quickly, simply use your phone to push into the left sprung part of the cradle, and slide the phone in. Takes less than a second!
  • Compatible with all smart phones (except tablet sized phones) - The adjustable sprung clamp caters for phones of all sizes, so you can safely and securely hold your phone regardless of what model it is!

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