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Floor Mats

How do I know your floor mats are going to fit my vehicle?

We carry more than 2200 floor mat patterns to ensure we have your make and model of vehicle covered. If we don't already have your vehicle pattern, we can make it. We have already made thousands of mats for plenty of happy customers across a wide range of vehicles. Your mats are guaranteed to fit, complete with the exact safety fittings as your originals. If there happens to be any issues, we'll take back your mats, fix the issue and replace them free of charge.

Will my mats come with the holes/fittings to clip into my carpet?

All mats we manufacture are designed to fit/clip into the original fittings of your vehicle. If your vehicle didn't come with safety fixings originally, we send you clips that you can install yourself. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, clips are generally found only on the front mats. If your vehicle has additional clips or clips in the rear of your vehicle, please let us know and we can work with you.

Are your mats exactly the same as my originals?

In some cases, the mats we make are not exactly the same shape as the original mats in your car. This can be due to various reasons e.g. an imported car may have had a different original mat manufacturer to an Australia new. You can rest assured that all our mat patterns are manufactured with safety, practicability and protection in mind, and are fully tailored to fit although the shape may not match your original mats exactly.

How do I install my car mats?

Like anything in life, there is always an installation process. Lucky for you, our mats are designed specifically to fit your vehicle, so simply placing the mat in the footwell should then make it pretty easy then clip into place.  A step-by-step installation video for how to install your new Rubbertree mats will be available soon.

Seat Covers

Are your seat covers airbag compatible?

Our custom-made seat covers that are airbag compatible have been tested and meet the LTNZ (formerly LTSA) standards. These custom made car seat covers incorporate a specially crafted seam to allow the normal function, safety and deployment of a side impact airbag.

Not all seat fabrics are airbag compatible so remember to check your custom car seat cover selection includes the airbag provision.

The special airbag deployment seam area is identified with a side airbag tag sewn into the side of the seat cover. Place this tagged side over the side impact airbag on your seats backrest.

The seam accommodations will in no way affect the fit or durability of the seat cover.

How do I install my seat covers?

Fitting custom fit car seat covers may seem a little confusing. However firstly identify your components by holding them against your seats. i.e. headrest to headrest etc. Then take time to “dress” your seats.

If your covers first appear ill fitting don’t be afraid to push and/or pull the seat cover to fit the contours. Also ensure all ties are correctly tied, aligning any latch hole provisions, or gaps for armrests (if applicable). To fit the covers properly, please allow fitting time of up to 30 minutes for front seats and up to 40 minutes for rear seats, bearing in mind that time will vary depending on your seat configuration.

View Installation Video

Should the fit in some way not be acceptable, please free to call our customer service team on 1800 122 367

Boot Liners

How do I know these mats will fit my car?

We only supply boot liners that are suited to your vehicle. Simply enter your vehicle details into our database & be rest assured knowing we have the boot liner to fit your vehicle.

Are the boot liners non slip?

Yes, all are liners are non slip as they all come with a nibbed backing to hold the liner securely in place. Our rubber liners provide the added feature of securing your load in the cargo area with a non slip surface, reducing objects moving around whilst driving.

Do boot liners cover cargo area which are considered storage?

Storage areas, compartments or any area which have a recess not flat to the rest of the cargo area , will likely not provide coverage. These areas are designed by the vehicle manufacturer for a reason & we tend to always follow these design features. If you wish or expect anything other than this please get in contact with us & we will happy find a solution to accommodate this for you.  

Sun Shades

How do I know these sun shades will fit my car?

We only supply sun shades to fit your exact vehicle. We have also designed them to accommodate any lane assist or heads up display technology.

Are the sun shades easy to stow away?

Yes!! Simple roll up & use Velcro strap & bag ( if you bought one ) to stow away on the bag seat or cargo area.

How do I install my sun shade?

Because we only supply sun shades to suit your exact vehicle, installation has never been easier. Hold sun shade against windscreen & push edges into edges, then follow up by holding it in place by using the fold down visors.


How do I choose the best Rubbertree car mats for my lifestyle?

Our mats come in two main materials. For the person who enjoys the rugged outdoors, works hard or has a family and is likely to deal with life’s usual messes and spills, we recommend our rubber range of mats. Our quality rubber is designed to withstand anything that life has to throw at it, protecting your vehicles interior, all year long!

Our carpet range is crafted to provides the best in luxury and style for a soft feel and comfortable drive. Our carpet floor mats boast quality materials and finishings that ensure for driving pleasure all year round, keeping your vehicle perfectly insulated during the cold months and well protected from the elements in the heat.

Once you have chosen between rubber and carpet, you have a great selection of styles and layouts to choose from to complement and elevate your vehicles protection.  Either way, no matter which mat you decide on, we guarantee that you will love the look, fitment, and protection of our car mat range.

Can I come to your store and see samples/purchase?

Currently we are an online and wholesale business - unfortunately, we're not able to send out free samples for one-off purchases.

How much will it cost to ship to my address?

At RubberTree we offer FREE shipping Australia wide with every purchase. Nice!

Do you offer any warranty on your products?

Every single product we sell at RubberTree carries a minimum 12-month warranty as outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Some products will carry a 24 or 36-month warranty, which will be listed in those product descriptions.

Why do you ask for my registration number when ordering certain items?

As a complete custom fit, getting the right make and model of vehicle is crucial in our service to you. We make many products specifically for your vehicle - simply the more information you can give the better. 99% of the time the make, model, year and type (Sedan, Wagon etc.) is enough for us to get the right fit for your car. However, in some situations we need a little bit more information to ensure you receive exactly the right fit for your car - your registration number often provides this for us. If for any reason you're uncomfortable giving your registration number, simply send us an enquiry with your requirements and we'll be more than happy to help.

When can I expect to get my product?

Almost all products we sell are 100% made to order just for you. This ensures a cost effective service and product guarantee that retailers holding stock cannot do. Because of this, you can use the following as a guide on how long your order will take to be made:

Custom Car Mats: 5-7 working days

Custom Boot Liners: 5-7 working days

Custom Seat Covers: 21- 28 working days

In addition to these lead times, please allow for an additional 1-2 working days for metro areas. Rural deliveries can sometimes take up to 3 days longer.

What Payment options do you have?

We offer online card payments, bank deposit, Pay Pal & Afterpay.

What do I do if I can’t find my vehicle online?

On the unlikely chance, you can’t find your vehicle online from our database of 2200 vehicles, email or call us & we can point you in the right direction. If we don’t have your vehicle, we can sometimes obtain the patterns if a vehicle is accessible to us. Otherwise, we are more than happy to do custom patterns you provide for us.

Do you do custom mats or liners?

Yes we do. If you have any ideas you wish to explore, let us know & we can help bring your ideas to life. All custom patterns will incur a $100 pattern making fee in addition to the price we see your custom mats or liner match to our existing product line.  

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